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Cubis 2

Cubis 2 is a three-dimensional puzzle game in which you must put the cubes in a sequence based on their color. In the second part of the game developers will delight players with bomb cube,dual cube and ghost cube, which complicates the task. In Cubis 2 were added 4 game modes and 300 levels which will keep in suspense till the end. This game is something reminiscent of Tetris. Try to clear the playing field by collecting sets of three or more blocks. You can shoot cubes horizontally or vertically. You need to clear the field of cubes. To do this, push the cubes in rows or column. If he bumps into standing alone cube, he moves it one space. Also there is still magic cubes which will destroy 3 or 4 cubes of same color. The Cubes disappear with great special effects, you get bonus points for this. Gather on the playing field of single-color blocks in groups of three or more pieces in order to purify it and thus

earn points. The longer the chain of one-color cubes is, the more points you earn. The game has a lot of difficulty with which you will encounter during its passage: the different types of blocks, and different kinds of obstacles will not let you get bored. The game Cubis 2 will entice you for a long time. Of course, the developers worked hard at the game to provide users a considerable number of difficulties encountered while playing the game to make game more fun. Also, you will be limited in time, so you must destroy the cubes very quickly. To control the game just use “Mouse” to choose position and “Mouse Left Click” to shoot cube. Cubis 2 game has many features such as: 80 Amazing handcrafted levels; Additional level packs available; Endless hours of standard single-player gameplay; Awesome achievements to unlock; Perfect rating achievements.

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